TitleSprint: Your All-in-One Digital Closing Platform

Transform your real estate transactions with TitleSprint, the premier digital closing platform designed to simplify every step of your closing process. Our suite of features streamlines the complexities of real estate workflows, enabling you to close with confidence and ease.

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How it works

Streamline Each Step in the
Closing Process

Below you will find some of Title Sprints main features to quickly and easily achieve your Closing goals.

Advanced Document Management

Our Advanced Document Management feature is at the heart of organizational efficiency, offering a centralized hub for all your document needs. In the fast-paced world of real estate transactions, having instant access to your files, forms, and documents is crucial. Our platform streamlines the document handling process, allowing you to upload, store, and share documents with ease.

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Elevate the way you connect and collaborate with our sophisticated Communication and Collaboration feature. Designed for the dynamic needs of today’s real estate professionals, our platform fosters a seamless exchange of information between all parties involved in a transaction.

Property Search with Precision

Discover the power of pinpoint property searches with our advanced Property Search feature. Leveraging the latest in Google’s address search technology, our platform ensures that every property lookup is accurate and hassle-free. Whether you’re adding a new file or verifying property details, our integration with First American’s comprehensive database offers unparalleled precision in property identification.

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Policy Jacket and CPL Management

Secure and efficient, our Policy Jacket Management feature is a cornerstone for title professionals who prioritize accuracy and compliance. With direct integration into Major Underwriters, users can effortlessly navigate the complexities of policy creation.

Simplified Invoicing for Streamlined Transactions

Our Invoicing feature is engineered to bring clarity and ease to the financial aspects of your real estate transactions. With TitleSprint, creating and managing invoices is a breeze, allowing you to capture all costs associated with policy premiums, due diligence, and other expenses in a comprehensive and intuitive layout.



Maximize efficiency and streamline your workflow with our robust Integration feature. Designed to seamlessly connect with key partners, our platform offers a simplified setup process that empowers you to link your account with major underwriters. Once your integration credentials are in place, you’ll gain access to a suite of enhanced functionalities tailored to the needs of title professionals.

Search & Exam

Connect with services to order and retrieve products with TitleSprint Sync and a host of other resources. Compare parties in your orders against federal records with TitleSprint Patriot Search to ensure the validity of contacts.

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